GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Sovereign Bond Yields Are Blowing Out Again

Posted on by Timothy Hare

If this doesn’t deliver us to Dow 20,000 burger, nothing will.

What’s not to like over soaring sovereign bonds yields for some of the most indebted nations the world has ever known? Brace yourselves, inflation is coming.

Did you ever wonder how sharply higher borrowing costs for an economy with $20 trillion in debt might work out for proposed fiscal stimulus projects? We’ll soon find out!


The euro crapping out v the dollar is a daily occurrence.


And here’s Germany, land of the migrant. Bunds are up an astounding 10bps, a 53% move. Bankrupt Italy surging ahead too, all boolish news, apparently.


Lastly, here a small reminder of debt/GDP ratios. Economics. It used to matter.


Dow 20,000 here we come.

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