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See ya 2016.

I thought I would write a quick note to reflect on this historic year in many respects. First, I would just like to thank all the supporters of NIRP Umbrella as it truly has taken a life of its own with the amount of attention it has received in these short 9 months. The ethos of NIRP Umbrella is to expose any intellectual who is using elite status to push a hidden agenda and unfortunately we live in a world where ‘Intellectual yet Idiots’ have arrived in clusters to create powerful headwinds for anyone that decides to challenge the intellectual status quo via asking why & question the very nature of centralized decision-making.

It’s been a fun year calling out Kenneth Rogoff 🙂

You see, the elites like any systematic process has evolved but unfortunately for the worse. Before I go any further I would like to make 1 firm point, I am not a cynical/pessimistic human however the instincts of ‘common sense’ has been somewhat eroded by the roots of what drives cognitive behavior via mainstream media, government officials, too big to fail banks & ‘The Committee To Destroy The World’ aka Central Banks. We are witnessing the rise of exponential political polarization, distrust in mainstream media, people flocking to alternatives currencies & people finally thinking Ph.D. economist are full of shit.

This very rise of individuality is certainly vindicated by observing the current state of the centralized rooted elite’s mechanisms on the masses.

Let’s start with the mainstream media, for the most part, these so-called pundits are disallowed to express personal beliefs without being censored or fired. There’s been plenty of examples of this in particular over this latest election cycle where I won’t fully distil it in a thorough examination on this post, but in short, because a select few challenged the mainstream consensus they were considered a ‘hazard’ which meant their voice had to be eliminated from the channel.

Mainstream media wants to stick with the pure click bait that has little substance on getting people to THINK because thinking is considered ‘dangerous’ in today’s world.

Knowledge is POWER! Once you get addicted to knowing more about things that have direct relevance to your life like the emergence of:

  • Socialism & Fascism
  • Financial Repression
  • Trickle Down Theory
  • Purchasing Power Decay & Wealth Inequality
  • A Broken Workforce
  • Students Drowning in Student Debt
  • Banking Solvency
  • Geopolitical Manners
  • Prodigality
  • Authoritarian Control via The Spying Economy

to name a few.

It will become hard to have the curiosity to monitor your favorite celebrities every move once you grasp the core areas that have the most importance to your life.

I understand there are different topics of interest but my argument is that these mainstream media outlets need to begin to strive for empowering people with knowledge of objective facts instead of the mere subjective emphasis. For example, financial pundits like to refer to Gold as a ‘barbarous relic’ this phrase has materialized into an echo chamber that has rippled throughout the mainstream media. It describes the type of rigor MOST journalists have; it’s the follow the leader type approach where that underlying quote derived from John Maynard Keynes was him addressing the FLAWED gold exchange standard that prevailed from 1922 to 1939 not GOLD in itself.


If the mainstream media doesn’t pivot very quickly, we could be looking back in retrospect just how we look at Kodak (valued at $28 billion in 1996) where exponential forces put a LINEAR company OUT of business. These exponential forces in media are coming from SOCIAL MEDIA where the power of 1 thought can reach millions of people, uncensored. NIRP Umbrella is a testament to this theory, 9 months ago I started this out of mere frustration but now on average I reach about 6 million people a month. Why? You tell me… but I think it’s because I stick with truths that not a lot of people want to talk about.


Before I move on to the next pillar that needs to be fixed to bring back ‘common sense’ from rooted corrosion, I would like to say one more thing about the mainstream media. This war on ‘fake news’ has 0 justification for the type of consumer CONFIDENCE headwinds they now face. It’s purely because of the top-down model of distributing information is BROKEN. It’s time to bring back decentralized orientated interpersonal relationship between writer & reader [-] the middlemen (editor) coupled with a broad range of diversity of thought and not some groupthink corporate mentality if these outlets want to restore confidence & survive.

Next, let’s move on to the government. Firstly, I would just like to state that I am incredibly grateful for the democratic society and for the most part the freedom of speech that we have in the west.

However, there has been some fierce progressions throughout governments around the world to have access & control on the citizens it manages like never before in history. These bureaucrats have decided to take a much more intrusive approach into our daily lives and for what reason? The rise of the regularity state via FBI, IRS, SEC, FINRA, NLRB, OSHA entirely govern our lives. This emergence of ‘regulation’ is coupled with a monstrous increase in debt which is smothering economic progress which in fact is putting us on the road to secular stagnation. Over the past decade hundred of thousands of pages have been added to federal regulations throughout the global economy due to anti-growth policies promoted by idiotic fiscal policymakers.


Listen, I am not a conspiracy theorist but it’s very EASY to connect the dotes with why bureaucrats are in a rush to regulate & oversee everything. They understand we are facing unprecedented wealth inequality, stagnate incomes, a legal tendering currency which fails to retain it’s value, students indebting themselves for a lifetime, a rise in worry about race relations, too big to fail banks to just name a few things we now face that have slowly got people to question the very people that govern them.


So where am I going with all of this? Loop back to under paragraph 2 and see the rise in political polarization chart that’s there. Over the course of the year, we saw the trump victory, Brexit which led to Cameron resigning, Italy’s failed referendum which led to renzi resigning is a direct reflection on this emergence of anti-establishment amongst the masses. The problem is, the establishment itself will not go down without a fight if the movement itself metastasizes to the very roots of governance. Money. Governments have begun to counteract the independent movement by embracing a fascist system to make sure things are as centralized as possible as turmoil starts to spill over into money which is only backed by CONFIDENCE. Hell, this system has been in place for a while now and citizens have been asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, sleeping through this phenomena has been quite easy unlike socialism/nationalism where it’s easy to identify, fascism is a way to circumvent the public eye by allowing private companies/property to exist however if there is a direct threat to STATE POWER they affirm it will not be accepted. i.e:

  1. Hospitals & Health Insurers (Private Enterprise) = Prices, Products & Policies CONTROLLED by Obamacare.
  2. Private Internet Companies = Internet Access & Fees regulated by the Federal Communications Commission
  3. Banks = Regulated Under Dodd-Frank

This regulatory oligopoly is not by accident; it’s by design. The sad thing is that this is all governed by intellectual fallacies via central planners who are a group of people (for the most part) who have never held a real job that contributes to society. Never managed money or in other words ‘had skin in the game.’ They are a group of Ph.D. economist who thinks they can mathematically model the system around them. They will be to busy with value at risk methods or standard regression models to ever admit to saying they don’t have a clue what is happening. They fail to respect COMPLEXITY which always ends up biting these centralized groupthink groups in the ass.

But are you noticing a trend here? These idiots think that forced supervision & reassurance keeps psychology balanced by always being 1 step ahead. The sad part is that centralized supervision aspect of things is just getting warmed up… (cashless society emerging, biometrics etc.)

We will be writing much more in depth on these topics when NIRP Umbrella’s website is LIVE near the end of February. So stay tuned on that front. However, before I sign off you might be wondering why I labeled this little note with the word ‘Euphemisms’ in it. It’s because I am sick and tired of seeing esoteric jargon concealing truths from the layman. Words that hide truths are outright dangerous and deceiving.

So I thought I would throw a little list together of bullshit euphemisms which start off with basic terms to more advanced jargon that is meant to mislead. The purpose here is to portray how academics coin big words to fool for personal gain rather it’s for there personal agenda or simply because they don’t want you knowing what the hell there up too.

The George Carlins Euphemisms are from 1–17

NIRP Umbrella’s Euphemisms are from 17–40

1. Shell Shock became Battle Fatigue became Operational Exhaustion and now Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

2. Toilet Paper became Bathroom Tissue

3. Sneakers became Running Shoes

4. False Teeth became Dental Appliances

5. Medicine become Medication

6. Information become Directory Assistance

7. The Dump become The Landfill

8. Car Crashes became Automotive Accidents

9. Partly Cloudy became Partly Sunny

10. Motels became Motor Lodges

11. House Trailers became Mobile Homes

12. Used Cars became Previously Owned Transportation

13. Room Service became Guest Room Dining

14. Constipation became Occasional Irregularity

15. Poor People that lived in slumps became Economically Disadvantaged Occupied Substandard Housing in the Inner City’s

16. Broke became Negative Cash Flow Position

17. Fired became management curtail redundancies in the Human Resources department area

18. Reduction in Government Spending became Austerity

19. People Saving The Bank became Bail In

20. Taxpayers Saving The Banks became a Bailout

21. Company That Went Broke became Bankrupt

22. Greedy Banker became Bankster

23. One Hundreth of a percentage point became a Basis Point

24. When you think the price of something is going down became Bear

25. When policy makers lowers the value of their currency to make exports cheaper and implement protective barriers become Beggar Thy Neighbor

26. When you think the price of something is going up became Bull

27. Confiscation became CPI + Taxes

28. When multiple Countries devalue their currency to bolster exportsbecame Currency Wars

29. Missing Deadlines to Pay back Debt became Default

30. Reducing leverage became Deleveraging

31. Economy needs stimulus (lower interest rates) became Dove

32. Scared about inflation (raise interest rates) became Hawk

33. US dollars invested in banks outside the USA became Eurodollars

34. When a country/person puts everyone at risk (Postive or Negative) became Externalities

35. Fiat Money (John Law) became Monopoly Money then back to Fiat Money

36. Money became Gold

37. When a Central Banker bullshits everyone became Forward Guidance

38. All the goods and services produced in a country became GDP

39. Obsessed with gold became Gold Bug

40. When a company or the government doesn’t give bondholders all there money back became haircut

Could go on all day, the point is be on the look out for complex jargon because usually it’s because elites don’t want you to question what these words really mean.

Source: zero hedge

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