Peso Plunges To Record Low

Posted on by Timothy Hare

The Mexican Peso is plunging once again this morning – very close to all-time record lows – as fears spread that Ford’s decision yesterday may become the norm…



As Bloomberg details, the economic outlook for Mexico remains challenging after disappointing results in 2016. Tighter global financial conditions and uncertainty about the future of bilateral relations with the U.S. since the election of Donald Trump in November are a drag on investment. Potential trade and immigration-policy changes in the U.S. may prompt additional downside risks for activity and external accounts in 2017. Tight monetary and fiscal policy to contain accelerating inflation and rising public debt should also weigh on growth.

A weak and more competitive peso already support net exports, but the relief could be limited if bilateral trade with the U.S. comes under pressure from potential protectionist measures. Higher oil prices are also positive, but the upside is limited by falling output and lingering problems in Pemex.

Source: zero hedge

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