Second Video Emerges Of Same Chicago Teens Assaulting Another Trump Supporter – Chicago PD Responds: Just stupid kids

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Following today’s earlier report. A mentally disabled white man was kidnapped by four black adults gagged, scalped, kicked, slapped, forced to drink toilet water and made to repeat the lines:

“F**k white people, f**k Donald Trump”

According to the Chicago Police Department officials aren’t willing to call it a hate crime. Instead, it is dismissed by Superintendent Eddie Johnson as “stupid kids”.

From the traumatized victim’s statement, it appears the mentally handicapped victim was manipulated by one of the suspected perpetrators into joining them, the point at which the torture began is not yet clear.


As further details about the gang emerge it is revealed this is the second Trump supporter they have attacked as further investigation by the Chicago PD has uncovered a second prior video of a similar attack.

“F*ck Donald Trump, F*ck white people”

“There’s gonna be a murder. Pop pop pop

We gonna put this bitch in the trunk, put a brick on the gas, like aaaaaaaaah

Pistol whip his ass, fool


Currently in custody:


The woman who recorded the attack showed no remorse in the video’s comments section (which has been deleted):

More Facebook reactions:

And the full 28 minute disturbing video of the incident (NSFW):

The victim is currently being treated for his injuries at a local hospital.

As I predicted earlier the Chicago police and establishment media are refusing to call this a hate crime. Whether the huge backlash from people across the world via social media will change this remains to be seen



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