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Little known fact about Obama,  during his tenure actually took over almost a 5th of the American economy. The private healthcare sector accounts for 19 percent of US economy under its control via Obamacare.

While it is often compared to fabian socialism, this is actually incorrect it is in fact fascism.

Contrary to what the left told you or what the ill-informed media says fascism is not just the images of brown shirts marching through the streets…


…It’s more complicated than that. Fascism still allows private businesses to run but it does so under the government’s leash. Hitler called himself a socialist, but he criticized the communists because they bulldozed they way through industry attempting to run everything. Hitler believed this was counter-productive, and advocated to forcefully take an intermediate step.

Hitler’s ethos was that you allow the captains of industry to maintain their expertise, i.e you let the weapons manufacturers like Lockheed Martin continue to make the instruments of war instead of trying to confiscate the factory and run it yourself. Ultimately the state controls the industry giants and they only continue with the State’s permission.

That’s exactly what Obama was doing with the healthcare industry (a 5th of the economy)

Hitler said we will eventually get to the point where the state does control the industry i.e. full blown communism.

Obamacare was designed to fail, so the government would have to step in and take over it completely i.e. full blown communism.


Obamacare ‘architect’ Gruber saying he wants to increase the mandate fine.

Same ‘architect’ bragging about how stupid Americans are and how amused he is that he can lie and deceive them

Final video of Gruber the ‘architect’ of Obamacare being grilled by Trey Gowdy on his treasonous remarks as thousand of Americans struggle to pay their premiums

Humana the largest insurer has announced it is escaping Obamacare as of next year. Aetna and Humana were attempting a merger, to grow even bigger, reduce competition (which as any economist will tell you always increases costs) and eventually become ‘too big to fail’. Of course, these were Obama’s infamous words when he bailed out the reckless bankers with taxpayer money. banks whose insolvency threatened to collapse the worldwide economic Ponzi scheme. By limiting liability (something the banks were originally against) and using the tax system to funnel money into banks (investing by borrowing – tax deduction, using YOUR savings.

This was shut it down, thanks to a Federal judge

We only have to look at recent history to see the effects of larger mergers -it was Bill Clinton who allowed the banks to merge shutting down competition in the 90’s, it set off a merger frenzy. Today there are only six big banks as a result, and they were all ‘too big to fail

Competition and the free market is direct resistance to fascist economics. We know Hillary’s plan was to expand Obamacare even further, creating more debt, higher taxes and more government control – she wrote in the 90s that she wanted to merge and create less competition. If you subsidize insurance the result is more expensive insurance. History and basic economic knowledge states that anything the government subsidizes both drops in quality and becomes more expensive, look at college tuition (imagine the results of a Bernie Sanders socialist presidency).

President Trump’s plan was for competition between state lines, during the republican debate almost a year ago Marco Rubio tried to mock trump on this point. While this is not the best idea, Trump has deferred to Libertarian, Austrian economics, free market heavyweight Rand Paul to reform Obamacare based on  Orderly Market. No Mandates i.e. no one is forced to buy healthcare if they don’t need it (aka Obamacare fines via the IRS).


What the democrats fail to understand is that government subsidies don’t help, competition helps. Monopolies drive costs up. Remove the barriers to entry to get down costs, as Trump is attempting to do with medical drugs

Michelle Obama:”The State is to care for elevating national health.”

Barrack Obama: “Government investments…have made this country great”

Nanny State intrusions reflect that persons are not sovereign, but belong to the state. This is not what America was founded on, these debt-laden programmes are what heroic Presidents like Andrew Jackson fought his whole life against.

Instead of saddling unborn voters with trillions of dollars of debt, President Trump is the first since 1913 with the opportunity to undo the cycle of debt, war, and needless death. Obamacare is one of the first steps.












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