President Trump’s new pick for the Supreme Court- Neil Gorsuch

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In what may be his most important decision of all – a decision that will effect the future of the USA for the next several generations and consequently that of the world – President Trump officially announced his pick, to replace the late great Justice Antony Scalia, Justice Neil Gorsuch.

“Justice Scalia was a Lion of the law, agree or disagree with him, all of his colleagues cherish his wisdom and his humor, and like them, I miss him ” said Neil Gorsuch.

Who is Neil Gorsuch?

He previously served the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. A former clerk for Justice Byron White, also a Colorado native, and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, he served in the George W. Bush administration’s Justice Department. He has a strong academic background beginning with a prep school in Maryland and has degrees from Columbia University, Harvard Law School and the UK’s Oxford University, where he earned a doctorate in legal philosophy.

He is best-known for his defiance over the Obama administration’s regulation forcing employers to provide female employees with the full range of contraceptives as part of their health insurance. Catholic groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor and the evangelical Christian family who owned the Hobby Lobby craft stores sued and sought a religious exemption from paying for contraceptives that they said could “destroy a fertilized human egg.”.

“All of us face the problem of complicity,” he wrote in the Hobby Lobby case. And government should not force people with “sincerely held religious beliefs” to be complicit in “conduct their religion teaches them to be gravely wrong.” The Supreme Court reached the same decision by a 5-4 vote in 2014.

“a Judge who likes every outcome he reaches  is most likely a bad Judge” said Gorsuch while promising to be faithful to the Constitution


This is also a nod to pro-LGBT groups that have had concerns over ultra conservative rival pick Judge William H. Pryor Jr. of Alabama, who serves on the U.S. 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta, a vocal critic of abortion and gay marriage.


“I only hope democrats and republicans can come together for once for the good of the country”  concluded President Trump.

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