Sarah Silverman: The military can overthrow Trump

Posted on by Timothy Hare

Sarah Silverman of Saturday night live Fame is the latest Star in Hollywood to openly incite violence against the 45th President of the United States of America.

Interestingly she ends what could amount to sedition with four love hearts. The narrative of ‘love Trumps hate’ and stop ‘Fascists’ is ironic, considering she is calling for the democratically elected leader of the United States to be overthrown via a military coup.

A recurring characteristic of far left rhetoric is to label political opponents fascists, while themselves engaging in fascistic behaviors such as attempting to shut down free speech with violence and intimidation

Sarah Silverman has the ear of 9 million twitter followers. Following the surge in riots and anti-Trump violence that has erupted over the following weeks, this dangerous rhetoric comes at an especially volatile time.

In Blue state California, radical leftist University Berkeley was the subject of international coverage following Milo Yianoppolis canceled talk.

The outspoken Trump Supporter and self-confessed provocateur is well known on both sides of the political spectrum for his politically incorrect views and art.

Footage emerged from the Berkeley riots of Trump supporters being attacked, pepper sprayed and harassed by various violent radical leftist protestors.

Director of  “Knocked Up” and “Trainwreck,” Judd Apatow, another Hollywood elite warned in a now deleted tweet that this was “just the beginning”

On a related note, the United States Military largely supported President Trump during the election and his appointment of General ‘mad dog’ Mattis as secretary of defense has been met with further approval.

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