Declare ANTIFA a terrorist organisation petition gains overwhelming support!

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Following the violent riots that shut down provocateur and Trump supporter Milo, and the following attacks of Gavin Mcinnes ‘proud boys’ movement Antifa have begun 2017 much like they ended 2016. With violent, anti-intellectual discourse, singlemindedness, projection, and an overall false dichotomy of: if your not with us, then you fascist/nazi and it is acceptable to “punch a neo-nazi in the face

Fuelled by their own echo chambers, violent rhetoric from Hollywood liberals, and a wink and a nudge from leftist media such as the guardian, these thugs work themselves into a frenzy of hysteria. Self-assured of their own moral high ground they are free to dish out justice to those they disagree with, or so they believe.

Antifa believes they are the voice of the innocent minority, citing that hate crimes have risen post-election. While some of these attacks are genuine and completely abhorrent – a portion of these have been exposed as hoaxes.  The other possibility is a larger surge of reporting hate crimes does not necessary mean an increase in hate crimes due to the left’s obsession with redefining said hate crimes to include microaggressions and a general equation with victimhood as the new nobility.

There have never been any calls for violence from Milo, or Gavin McInnes (except in self-defense). President Trump himself has called for a stop to the alleged hate crimes from his supporters. There has been no such response from the left.


Even alt right figurehead Richard Spencer, a pseudo-intellectual with Nazi leanings and someone I vehemently disagree with, has never called for violence. Conservative Ben Shapiro, a victim of antisemitism has said: it’s not right to punch a nazi

“First, it increases the chances of violence – openly advocating for violence against non-violent people with dissenting political opinions is ideological fascism

Second, it risks broadening the definition of evil to encompass philosophies that do not fit, and narrowing that definition to exclude philosophies that are truly evil…The same people who assault people who want to see my speeches at California State University at Los Angeles ignore the evils of radical Islam around the globe – today’s actual Nazis get ignored in favor of targeting domestic political opposition that doesn’t come close to fitting the bill.”

Third, it risks creating a backlash that greenlights nasty philosophies because we don’t want to see them hit in the face. If you don’t want to elevate Richard Spencer to the status of martyr, stop hitting him in the face”

Antifas affinity to violence and the refusal of the left to condemn it is not a resurgence of collectivism, but rather its swan song. It is a desperate ploy by a dying ideology to remain relevant, a final attack from a collapsing opponent.

This brings us to the silver lining. Antifa is not a democratic organization. It inflicts violence and intimidation on its political opponents. It is funded by SOROS. It has inspired “leftist fight clubs” training exclusively to fight conservatives. Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled a nazi. This type of political violence was popular with Hitler’s brown shirt thugs – the people Antifa claim to be fighting, this is projection on their part



Apparently this slim built Woman was also a dangerous nazi according to Antifa logic.

As a result a petition has been started to label Antifa a terrorist organization funded by an economic terrorist and shadow agitator George Soros.


Libertarian and Infowars heavyweight Paul Joesph Watson has thrown his influence behind this petition, which as a result has gained close to 60,000 signatures at this time of writing


Violence begets violence. By outlawing the group and its actions it will send a clear message that violence is not a counter to political differences nor will it be tolerated. Free speech is integral to a free society but Antifa go beyond yelling fire in a crowded theatre, they are actively burning down the theatre.

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  1. John Costa February 8, 2017 at 11:17 am -

    Everyone is allowed freedom of speech