Refugees not welcome? YouTube propaganda fail

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In the wake of several terror attacks across Europe, and an alleged revenge attack at the Finsbury Park mosque in London, which has a long history associated with terrorism, popular video sharing site YouTube has put out a thinly veiled propaganda piece.

The video, titled more than a refugee, features a number of refugees from the Middle East, mainly young girls, a common ascetic for the refugee crisis.

The reality is different. According to the latest figures, the majority of the refugees are not from Syria, are economic migrants, unskilled, and overwhelmingly military age men. You can read the current ‘official statistics’ here. In fact, the huge influx of military age single men has led to a gender imbalance in Sweden, which, post refugee invasion, has seen it’s rape crime statistics skyrocket.

The video makes no references to the social, demographic or economic costs of taking in different cultures, many of which are openly hostile to that of Europe and unabsorbable in the large numbers being forced in. Indeed these costs are so high that by “helping” these “refugees” by permitting them to invade en masse, Europe and the first world is ensuring that it will never again be able to assist the victims of future crises.

However, it appears that the free market of ideas is reaching people and the audience is wise to the propaganda.

As of the time of writing the current like bar stands at a disproportionate dislike ratio

The comments are exposing the truth of the matter also.

There was also the suggestion by several thousand commenters that YouTube was employing bots to remove dislikes from the video, as well as remove dissonant comments that did not support the invasion agenda.

The UK is currently under the shadow of British PM Teresa May’s snooper’s charter, and her attempts to further police the internet, under the guise of combating terrorism, many in the UK are sceptical these measures are done for their protection, and rather to control, arrest and monitor those who question the narrative of permitting hostile foreign peoples to live in the UK or criticise practitioners of religion that condones the enslavement of the non-Muslims.

Thoughtcrime will not be permitted


The organisation behind the YouTube propaganda piece is International rescue committee. This organisation is headed by David Milliband, a former prospect for the leader of the left-wing Labour party. Milliband, himself the son of Marxist Jewish immigrants, received 500 million for his organisation from alleged economic terrorist and convicted criminal George Soros.

Multi-Billionaire Soros has a vested interest in flooding Europe with incompatible migrants. Given his history of profiting from chaos, one can only assume his motives in doing so are anything but altruistic.








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